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Make a payment to the IRS online
Request a payment plan with the IRS online
Check the status of your FEDERAL refund
Get a Wage & Income or Account Transcript from the IRS


Oregon Department of Revenue:
Make a payment to the Oregon Department of Revenue online
Check the status of your OREGON refund

Get information about registering a business in Oregon

Calendar of important tax dates

January 15th – 4th quarter (prior year) estimated income tax payment is due.

January 31st – 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC information returns are generally due to be sent and filed W2s are due to employees (including household employees) by this date.

March 15th – Deadline to file S Corporation and Partnership tax returns, OR to request an extension for these returns.

April 18th (2022) – Deadline to file Individual 1040 tax returns and calendar year 1041 trust and estate returns. Deadline to file City of Portland business tax returns, and Lane and TriMet Self Employment tax returns. Last day to file an individual tax extension. Balances due on personal return must be paid to avoid late-payment penalties.  First quarter estimated tax payments due.

June 15th – Second quarter estimated tax payments due.

September 15th – S Corporation and partnership returns which have been extended earlier in the year are due. Third quarter estimated tax payments due.

October 17th – All extensions for individual tax returns due.

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